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What's to Love about Lindberg Frames

If having the most beautiful lightweight frames is what is important to you, then Lindberg is the answer. Using technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship, the hand-finished frames are some of the most beautiful and light-weight on the market. Over half their range weighs less than 1.9g so they feel incredibly light on your nose and ears. Lindberg has continually been one of our best selling frames over the last 10 years. Their expanding design range has kept them up to date with latest trends but their discrete elegance, durability and comfort means they have remained a firm favorite with our patients. Buchanan Optometrists have been one of the leading suppliers of Lindberg frames for the last 15 years and are uniquely positioned as one of only a few practices approved by Lindberg for repairs in the rare occasion you should happen to have an accident.

Alisdair and Kathryn travelled to Aarhus in Denmark to see these frames being hand-made. Alisdair said “We wanted to see for ourselves how Lindberg continually made some of the best quality frames on the market. The attention to detail by the frame designers and the no compromise finish by the incredibly skilled craftsmen and women was amazing to witness. The amount of care and attention they put into each frame was unbelievable. There are few products in this market that are manufactured in such a precise way. The beautiful design and supreme comfort is why I own several pairs of Lindberg frames.”

Kathryn loves Lindberg’s for their incredible lightweight nature “As a contact lens wearer, I am not used to having something resting on my nose and ears and often find spectacles uncomfortable. Lindberg frames provide the perfect solution as they are so light and comfortable, I really forget I have them on. My rimless frames mean I have peripheral vision uninterrupted by thick frames. Another plus is their durability, as my glasses are often on and off, they do get quite bashed around. I once lost my Lindbergs, unbeknown to me they sat on top of my car engine for 2 months, unbelievably they survived and I still have them today - you can’t put spectacles through much of a tougher test than that!”

Designed personally for you

The frames are handmade to order so with Gill our dispensing optician you can select from hundreds of different shapes and colours to design the perfect frame just for you. Rimless styles allow you to team your favourite shape with your preferred colours and materials. We can easily change the size and shape of the lenses to ensure they best suit your face shape and prescription. Your name can be discretely engraved onto the inside of the spectacle arm.

Long lasting quality

The simplicity of the design not only ensures beautiful lightweight frames but there are no screws, rivets or welds to work loose. You will never lose a screw again. The colour on the frame is produced using electrolysis providing a durable finish. The patented extra lightweight titanium sides are produced to just 1.1mm thickness to give extra comfort without compromising strength.

Lindberg designs feature responsibly sourced materials including titanium, acetate, gold, platinum and diamonds – and certain Lindberg models are also available in natural horn.


Popular Following

The beautiful Lindberg designs have attracted royalty and many famous wearers including;

 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Brad Pitt (actor), Diane Keaton (actress), Tobey Maguire (actor), Robin Ince (comedian), Liam Cunningham (actor), Helena Chritensen (actress),  Simon Cowell (TV Producer, The X Factor etc!), Richard Gere (actor), Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, John Hurt (actor), Eddie Jordan (F1), Paris Hilton (socialite),  Rowan Atkinson (actor), Bill Gates (microsoft), Bob Hoskins (actor), Patrick Stewart (actor), Robert DeNiro (actor)


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