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7 Top tips to help dry eyes

Alisdair Buchanan has been lecturing at the Moorfields Dry eye conference for the last 4 years and offers the newest dry eye treatments.

Here are his top tips to help everyone's dry eyes.

1) Wear sunglasses to help protect against cold wind and glare.
2) Keep the blowers in the car pointed away from your eyes.
3) Avoid the central heating drying the house out too much by using a humidifier.
4) Eat right. Plenty of omega 3 and 6 (found in fish and nuts) can help keep your tears healthy and oily.
5) Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration causes the tear film to dry up and irritate your eyes.
6) Switch to hypoallergenic makeup. Our range is extra sensitive and free from SLS, Parabens and animal products. Unlike other makeup, it won't block your delicate glands in your eyelids. 
7) Beware of over the counter eye drops. Many contain preservatives which further irritate eyes. Furthermore, there are dozens of causes for irritated eyes and without a diagnosis as to what's causing the problem it is impossible to pick the correct treatment from the hundreds on the market. (In the dry eye clinic we can prescribe you exactly what YOU need).

Even using these tips, you may find that your eyes still suffer. In which case you need our help.
Dry eye sufferers regularly tell me how they often feel quite down about their dry eyes at this time of year and how it can affect their daily activities. We can help you. There have been so many advances in the diagnosis and treatment of dry or watery eyes that in almost all cases we can make a significant improvement.
So suffer no more, book your appointment today by calling 01634 240645 and get relief if you are suffering from dry eyes.

For those of you who have attended our clinics before there are a few useful treatments you may not be aware of:
Blephex is a painless deep clean treatment to the eyelids and meibomian glands that we perform for you in the practice that gives instant and lasting improvement to blepharitis and dry eye symptoms. Repeated every 6-12 months, Blephex cleans debris, opens and unblocks the meibomian glands and can considerably improve symptoms.  It is perfect for persistent cases or where time is an issue and cleaning regularly is difficult to comply with.

Punctal plugs. 
For stubborn dry eyes which do not respond to conventional treatments, punctal plugs can often be the ultimate treatment to improve symptoms and considerably reduce the need for drops. This treatment is especially advised for sufferers of Sjogren's syndrome or other aqueous deficiencies. Ask Kathryn or Alisdair to see if you are suitable for this wonderful treatment.

Heating your eyelids has long been known to help produce more and better quality meibomian (oil) into your tear film and improve symptoms. Blephasteam are self-heating, reusable goggles which provide direct controlled temperature and moisture just where you need it. Extremely effective and relaxing at the same time this product has been flying off the shelves.


This new laser treatment is designed to unblock your meibomian glands and help you produce more tears. Comfortable, quick and lasting results are achieved in minutes. After 3 sessions, the treatment should last 6-24 months meaning less drops and at home treatments.