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New Lenses Can Help You Sleep Better!

Are you getting the best nights sleep?

Did you see the new BBC series last night called ‘Trust me, I’m a Doctor’? There was a very interesting segment about sleep and how it is being affected by our use of TV screens, phones and computers. The screens emit a high proportion of blue light that during the day can cause eye fatigue and dry eyes and in the evening can upset the melatonin balance that helps us to sleep. Our eyes have receptors sensitive to blue light. As the sun rises there is a high level of blue light and this is what starts to wake us up. The blue light penetrates your eyelids and triggers your body to start waking. The light emitted by electronic displays disturbs our sleep patterns.
Research shows that more than 1 in 3 adults spends between 4 and 6 hours each day using digital devices while 1 in 7 use them up to 12 hours a day. Many of these devices, for example tablets and smartphones, are held at a close distance exposing our eyes to increasing levels of blue light.
Thankfully, a new lens has been developed to help with this. BlueControl lenses from Hoya neutralise the high energy visible light emitted by LED and LCD screens and help your eyes feel more comfortable even when using digital devices for prolonged periods of time. They also have the added benefit of better contrast perception, scratch resistance, water, dirt and grease repellence.
I personally wear these lenses and have noticed that my eyes feel much more comfortable when looking at computer screens and other digital devices both in the practice and at home. The lenses also provide me with improved colour contrast.
This is what our patients are saying about BlueControl:
An email from one of our patients
Alisdair asked if I would give feedback on the new blue technology lenses.  I thought it time I did this as its been a few months since getting them.
They are fab!  I can see the computer screen so much more clearly than before and I find that my eyes are not getting as tired and irritated by the end of the day as they did before using these new lenses.
Another thing I have noticed, right from day one is that my eyes are kept warmer and therefore more moist. I am sure this helps lessen the irritation caused by using a computer screen.
I would definitely recommend these lenses to anyone who, like me, suffer with dry eyes as my eyes have been generally much more comfortable since I got my new glasses.”
Try BlueControl lenses for yourself. Call the practice on 01634 240645 to book an appointment, or click HERE and we will call you back.