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Sports Vision

As winners of the UK Optician Awards Premium lens practice of the year, Buchanan Optometrists are perfectly placed to advise you on all you eye care and eyewear needs.

The correct eyewear will not only protect your eyes form UV or accidental damage but can also enhance your performance. Gaining the sharpest most balanced vision will not only improve the clarity of what you see but also reduce fatigue, improve hand eye co-ordination and accuracy giving you the sporting edge over your competitors. At Buchanan Optometrists we are proud to look after the eyes of sports men, women and children from a wide variety of sports and offer a range of frame and lens choices to suit your individual needs, whether that be for competitive sport or leisure. Our Optometrist Kathryn Buchanan has a keen interest in sports and is trained in sports vision and eye protection and is happy to offer advice to all.

Recent high profile eye injuries have highlighted the need for eye protection in various sports. We stock both non-prescription and prescription protection for various sports including squash, football and cricket.

We also stock prescription swimming goggles and can order you bespoke prescription dive masks so you can see the fish up close!

If you’d like to see clearly without spectacles, why not try contact lenses which offer superior peripheral vision and everyday UV protection. Available even for children, contact lenses can enhance vision and sporting performance as well as safety by seeing hazards more clearly. Daily contact lenses can be perfect for every day wear or a cost efficient choice for wearing for sports or days out as frequently or infrequently as required.


Did you know specific sunglass tints can help performance? We stock Bollé® CompetiVision®, high contrast teal tinted lens are designed to mute all colours except for optic yellow so ball stands out allowing you to react more quickly. The stark contrast between background and tennis ball makes the Bollé® CompetiVision® lens idea for watching as well as playing tennis. For various courts and lighting situations different tints can be recommend specifically for you.


Golf is a game where vision and precision are paramount.  At Buchanan Optometrists we stock a wide range of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses to not only protect your eyes from UVA and UVB but also give you the optical edge over your opponents. We stock lenses such as Bollé's exclusive EagleVision 2 and Photo V3 Golf lenses engineered to optimize the green portion of the colour spectrum, revealing all of the green's deceptive breaks, undulations and textures. The V3 is anti-fog, hydrophobic and adapts to varying light conditions to give you the best vision no matter what the weather. Did you know we can now make varifocal polarised sunglasses? To enhance your vision for every day life as well!


Protect yourself against eye injuries and UV exposure at the same time. When fielding or watching cricket your eyes are being exposed to damaging UV rays. Most people are now aware of the need for skin protection against the sun but often forget about their eyes. Even in drizzly England the UV rays do get through and aside from glare and eyestrain, prolonged exposure can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, photo keratitis as well as eye lid melanomas. Wearing the right UV protection is essential for everyday tasks but for sports such as cricket the type of lenses and frames selected can also help your performance.

We stock frames which allow you to change your lenses to match lighting conditions or adaptive lenses that make the change for you.  Prescription and non-prescription polarised lenses. Lightweight, impact resistant, non-slip frames means you shouldn’t even be aware you are wearing sunglasses.


Long hours outside, with the added hazard of UV rays reflected from the water’s surface pose  a great risk of UV damage to the eyes. Even in drizzly England the UV rays do get through and aside from glare and eyestrain, prolonged exposure can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, photo keratitis as well as eye lid melanomas. Protecting your eyes with quality lenses and perfectly fitting spectacles will not only protect you from the elements but also enhance your vision. Polarised lenses are the lens of choice for fishing, by reducing the glare and reflections from the water’s surface you will see more clearly and comfortably.

If you’ve ever struggled to tread a hook, you’ll be pleased to know that prescription polarised varifocals are now available. Offering the exceptional visual properties of a polarised lens you will be able to see both close up and into the distance all in one pair of glasses. Prescription lenses can also change according to the light conditions, meaning great vision, no matter what the British weather throws at you!!


Bollé Marine sunglasses as worn by Ellen MacArthur incorporate polarization technology with hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings to allow the best vision in even the harshest of light conditions. Come in and try on the lightweight, ultra strong and extra grip frames and never again worry about your eyesight on the water. If you require varifocal lenses to allow chart reading as well as crisp distance vision there is a wide choice of lens and frame combinations to meet your needs, just ask one of our experts.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Protecting the eyes from increased UV levels at altitude is a primary concern when selecting and fitting ski and snowboard goggles and sunglasses. Add to this the challenge of colder climates, variable sun and glare levels and the potential for lenses fogging up- snow sports require a very special visual solution. Using the latest technology, exceptional optics provide unrivalled field of view. Double lens thermal barriers keep the eyes warm and equalizer ventilation prevents fogging.

 We stock various goggle and sunglass options including prescription lenses to meet the performance demands of both world-class athletes and recreational skiers and snowboarders. Goggles for children are also available. We stock sunglasses suitable from 6months old upwards.


When cycling it is important to protect your eyes from flying stones or foreign bodies. Therefore we only recommend impact resistant lenses. Clear vision to accurately assess road conditions and see potential hazards is critical and can vary depending on the light levels. When cycling at night, the right lenses can help to reduce glare and dazzle from headlights. During the day variable lighting conditions can present its own hazard, however using Bollé’s interchangeable bClear lenses eradicates this problem. Frame choice is also important- We specialise in fitting stylish, lightweight, non-slip, adjustable, anti-fog and a secure fitting frames. Prescription cycling glasses and sunglasses are available with interchangeable lenses to match lighting conditions or adaptive lenses that make the change for you.


Have you ever driven when the sun is low and the visor in your car appears to offer little resistance against the blinding sun? Have you ever driven on a wet road when the sun has come out and turned the surface to a glass like appearance? Have you ever been unsure what could be hiding in the shadow of a hedge or at the dip of a hill? Do you have light coloured eyes or early cataracts, which cause increased glare levels?


Having the correct lenses can help elevate all these problems, making driving safer and more comfortable, allowing you to see every detail on the road. As the maker of the world's finest driving sunglass, Serengeti® are the number one choice for many professional drivers, pilots and military personnel. They are also the lenses that our optometrists wear throughout the year whenever driving. Serengeti® photochromic lenses feature unparalleled technology to adjust to changing light conditions. Amazingly versatile, the lenses darken in very bright conditions and lighten in overcast or low light levels, to offer the very best protection and superior visual acuity in varying light conditions in any season.

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