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VisionCare Plan T's and C's

Buchanan Optometrists Freedom VisionCare Plan T’s and C’s



1.       These Terms and Conditions apply to the Buchanan Optometrists Visioncare Plan. We are a company registered in England & Wales under number 06665407 whose registered office is at MFW, Dour Street, Dover, Kent CT16 1BL. With email address [email protected] and telephone number 01634 757227

2.       These are the Terms on which we enrol you in the Visioncare Plan. By paying your direct debit, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for the minimum term specified.

3.       Explanation of terms used. In these conditions governed by English law, ‘the contract’ means these conditions and the contract you have signed; ‘Freedom Visioncare’ means Buchanan Optometrists Ltd; ‘Buchanan Optometrists’ means ‘Buchanan Optometrists Ltd.’; and ‘new spectacles’ means a new frame and two new lenses.

T’s and C’s

4.       Services to which you are entitled. The contract allows you to receive all the services normally provided by Buchanan Optometrists in the course of providing you with your ongoing professional eye care service.  This normally will include at least one eye examination on the anniversary of your eye examination every one or two years (dependent on your general health, age, eye health and any other recommendation by your optometrist and your visioncare plan type)

5.       Services provided by another optical practitioner. Your entitlement under the contract is with Buchanan Optometrists alone.  However, if you are referred for specialist examination or treatment to another medical professional who provides services independently of Buchanan Optometrists, the contract will not cover that, and you will be responsible for the other medical professional's fees.

6.       Buchanan VisionCare Plan membership entitles you to receive all the benefits listed in the Buchanan VisionCare Plan information leaflet.

7.       Buchanan VisionCare Plan membership does not entitle you to any care related to contact lens wear, including contact lens-related emergency appointments and contact lens reviews or fittings. This is covered in our Buchanan Optometrists contact lens membership plan.

8.       Eye Examination recalls will be scheduled per the optometrist's recommendation. However, should you wish to be seen more frequently, we will charge the difference in monthly fees to bring you up to date, so you will still benefit from your discounted price.

9.       If you are entitled to claim for an NHS appointment, we reserve the right to claim back any fees from the NHS in addition to your VisionCare plan. These are not refundable to you or discounted off your plan.

10.    Glasses MOT includes ultrasonic cleaning of spectacles, tightening of screws, checking fit, replacing nose pads (if applicable) and cleaning your spectacle lenses. Appointments can be pre-booked by calling the practice.

11. We try to guarantee a same-day telephone appointment with an optometrist for emergency appointments. If the optometrist needs to see you in person, we will offer you our first appointment based on our triaging. We cannot offer emergency appointments on Mondays or Sundays. If we cannot provide a telephone or in-person appointment, we will advise the course of action you should take. Emergency appointments are chargeable and not included in your visioncare plan.

12.    Buchanan VisionCare Plan members can enjoy up to 15% discount on new complete spectacles and new complete sunglasses. This cannot be used with other Buchanan Optometrists offers unless specifically stated in the offer T&Cs.

13.    Buchanan VisionCare Plan members can enjoy an extra discount at any time of the year if they purchase two complete pairs of spectacles at the same time

a.        You’ll need to choose the same quality of lenses in both pairs.

b.       The lenses in both pairs must have the same prescription.

c.        You get up to 15% off your first pair and up to 20% off your second pair. The first pair will be the higher-cost pair

Your responsibilities

14.    You must keep appointments made with Buchanan Optometrists Ltd and pay any ‘missed appointment fees'.

15.    You must pay the monthly fee for your scheme by direct debit via our DD originator GoCardless to Buchanan Optometrists Ltd to maintain your Buchanan VisionCare Plan membership. Your liability to pay the monthly membership fee continues until the contract is ended. No membership fee refund will be allowed except for an administrative error.

16. You are responsible for ensuring you have regular appointments at the specified intervals for your plan. There is no membership fee refund if you are late or miss an appointment.

Alteration of the monthly membership fee

17.    Buchanan Optometrists Ltd may alter the monthly Buchanan Freedom VisionCare Plan membership fee. Where you are given notice of an alteration to the monthly membership fee, your Direct Debit payment will be changed at the end of the notice period unless you end the contract after your initial plan expires. Note that any discounts given will become payable if you terminate the scheme beyond the end of your minimum contract term. 

18.    Rolling contract. After the minimum term of your contract, it will automatically continue every month. You can cancel at any time after your minimum term. However, if you have taken advantage of any discounts, these will become payable upon termination of your contract—full details are available upon request. Your contract will renew after you have had your eye examination under your scheme unless you advise otherwise. The term of your next contract will be the same as your initial one unless you are informed otherwise, which may involve a change in your direct debit price.

Ending the contract

19.    Buchanan Freedom VisionCare Plan membership has a minimum subscription period of 24 or 12 months, depending on your plan. You may end your contract on the expiry of the minimum subscription period by giving notice to us at [email protected] or by calling 01634 240645.  First, You must pay any outstanding sums due to Buchanan Optometrists Ltd and provide no less than 21 days notice expiring on the last day of a month. Buchanan Optometrists Ltd may end your contract by giving you notice expiring on the last day of a month after two months.

Non-payment of the membership fee

20.   For all plans, should the monthly payment remain unsettled one month past its due date, your visioncare agreement will be terminated. You will remain responsible for all outstanding balances owed to Buchanan Optometrists Ltd. A £50 administrative fee will be levied for any direct debits terminated without prior notification. It's important to understand that all entitlements provided by the scheme, including your eye examination, will cease to be accessible. No reimbursement for any payments already made will be issued.

21.    Under the Freedom Visioncare scheme, if you do not pay any monthly payments, Buchanan Optometrists Ltd reserves the right to cancel your Freedom Visioncare membership immediately.  Cancellation of a complete contract means the total of the monthly amounts remaining within the minimum subscription period will become immediately due, with a penalty of £50.00 and all costs incurred in recovering your outstanding balance. Any benefits under the scheme will no longer be available.

22.    Non-payment of any scheme fee immediately cancels any applicable Accidental Damage Scheme cover.

23.  Should you terminate your direct debit during the initial period or any following periods of your plan, you are required to reimburse any discounts received and settle the remaining fees of your plan. You will forfeit the right to any benefits or examinations due under the scheme. Failure to notify of the cancellation will incur a £50 penalty for administrative expenses, on top of any other dues.

Services outside the contract

24.    Nothing in the contract prevents you and your optician from agreeing that he or she will provide services outside your entitlement under the contract.  You will be responsible for paying for such services.

Freedom Visioncare Accidental Damage Scheme

25.    On becoming entitled to services under the contract, you also become entitled (if included in your particular scheme) to cover under the Freedom Visioncare Accidental Damage Scheme.  The scheme covers accidental damage to all new spectacles you purchase from Buchanan Optometrists while this contract is in force and is subject to terms and conditions, which Freedom Visioncare may vary from time to time without notice.  Each pair of new spectacles you purchase is covered under the scheme for a fixed period starting from the date of purchase.  All claims are subject to Freedom Visioncare’s agreement and an excess charge.  Except as mentioned in clause 12, this scheme continues until the contract comes to an end.

26.    The current terms and conditions of the Accidental Damage Scheme are available from Buchanan Optometrists or may be downloaded from the website www.optometrists.co.uk

Variation of conditions

27. Buchanan Optometrists Ltd may vary these conditions from time to time.  The latest conditions are available from Buchanan Optometrists or may be downloaded from the website, www.optometrists.co.uk

Contract not transferable

28.    Your contract is with Buchanan Optometrists Ltd alone; it may not be transferred to another optician’s practice or person.


Accidental damage scheme


Terms and conditions

Words with special meanings

1.       Accidental damage means visible damage which has not been caused on purpose and is not neglect or general wear and tear. Excess charge means the first part of any claim that you must pay. New spectacles represent a new spectacle frame and two new lenses.

General conditions

2.       This scheme provides accidental damage cover for all new spectacles purchased from Buchanan Optometrists while a member of a Freedom Visioncare scheme that includes accidental damage cover. Your cover normally lasts for two years from the date of purchase of each pair of new spectacles. Should you have lenses with new powers fitted within two years, the cover will continue for the remaining time. A claim will not be processed before you have made your first payment as a Freedom Visioncare member. Spectacles purchased before becoming a Freedom Visioncare member are not covered. Cover ends immediately on termination of your Freedom Visioncare membership.

3.       Claims

a.        Claims must be submitted within three months of the accident. Freedom Visioncare’s Claims Department will need to be satisfied that the damage is accidental and not some other cause, such as general wear and tear. Some examples are (this list is not a complete list, just some examples):

b.       A non-specifically scratched lens is usually due to general wear and tear.

c.        Lenses scratched while being cleaned with a dirty cloth is neglect, not accidental damage.

d.       Spectacles damaged through being placed in a case contaminated with sand or grit etc is neglect.

e.        Spectacles crushed in a pocket etc, when not in their case is neglect.

f.        Where a replacement pair of spectacles is required, they must be an exact duplicate where possible. If a frame or lenses are discontinued, the replacement must be for a frame or lenses of similar net cost. Upgrades are permitted under the scheme, subject to additional expenses. However, lens powers must remain the same. All claims are subject to a small excess charge which is a proportion of the repair cost. Your Optician will advise you of the amount. In the second year, the excess charge proportion rises to 50% of the cost of the repair. As a guide, the excess charge is normally between 15% and 25% of the original purchase price but ultimately depends on the level of damage and the complexity of the spectacles. Buchanan Optometrists must retain any damaged spectacle parts for inspection by Freedom Visioncare’s Claims Assessors. An adverse claims record will affect your monthly Freedom Visioncare payments. On processing a claim, Freedom Visioncare may impose special conditions on future claims you make. Freedom Visioncare reserves the right to repair or replace the spectacles.

4.       Disputes - Should a dispute arise, the Buchanan Optometrists Freedom Visioncare’s Claims Department’s decision will be final.

5.       Changes - Freedom Visioncare reserves the right to change the scheme and its conditions without notice. Copies of the latest version are available from Buchanan Optometrists or the website www.optometrists.co.uk.