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The Most Awarded Optician in Kent 2023-2024


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Double Triumph at Prestigious Opticians Awards: Buchanan Optometrists Crowned Independent and Technology Practice of the Year 2023! A Rare Double Honour. Choose the Best, See the Difference!




If you want to

  • Have peace of mind you are in the most awarded opticians in Kent.
  • See a consultant optometrist who uses their expertise to tailor the eye examination to your specific needs.
  • Experience state-of-the-art technology to detect eye diseases up to 8 years sooner than standard tests-  getting you the treatment you need fast. 
  • Improve your vision through your spectacles by up to 40% by using the most advanced measuring technology.
  • Have access to one of only 6 Heidelberg OCT-a machines in the UK to detect diabetic and macula eye disease early. 
  • Benefit from the greatest choice in spectacle frames. Choose from over 1000 frames.
  • Experience relief with specialist treatments at our expert Dry Eye clinics.
  • Have glasses that fit perfectly - no more slipping down or digging in.
  • Never feel rushed.
  • Experience exceptional customer service and always see the same expert staff.
  • Take advantage of easy access and free parking.
  • Relax in a beautiful setting with friendly staff.
  • Visit an award-winning family-run practice.
  • Take advantage of expert audiology care in the same practice.
  • Protect your child's sight with Myopia control lenses. 

Then there is only one choice. Buchanan Optometrists.


Not all opticians are the same

You may assume all opticians are the same, and most are. But we are very different. As one of the elite Optometry practices in the UK, the eye examinations, spectacles, and lenses you receive from Buchanan Optometrists are only of the highest quality. The thoroughness of their eye examination blows away new patients, the quality of vision we can help them achieve, the beautiful practice, and the friendly welcome. We have won numerous awards, including being voted the best Independent Practice at the prestigious Opticians Awards, where Alisdair Buchanan also won Optometrist of the Year. Such accolades recognise the difference between us and most opticians and assure our clients that you are getting the best care for your eyes.

Clients looking for the best optician travel from all over Kent, the UK and the world for our ultimate eye care and eyewear service. Please read some of their testimonials and reviews to discover why they keep returning.

Your eyesight is one of your most precious possessions, so it deserves expert care. We tailor every eye examination, the pair of spectacles and lenses specifically for you and your unique individual needs, meaning you get the most thorough eye care and the most exquisite, comfortable spectacles with the very sharpest vision. We are so confident that you will receive the best eye care and spectacles possible that we back everything we do with a value-for-money guarantee.

An eye examination at Buchanan Optometrists offers an unparalleled, in-depth analysis of your ocular health. Utilising advanced microscopic technology, our optometrists conduct a comprehensive assessment that provides valuable insights into the current state of your eyes. This unique evaluation is essential for diagnosing and managing potential vision issues, making Buchanan Optometrists a trusted choice for eye care.

Visit us at Buchanan Optometrist, and from the moment you step into the beautiful, modern practice, you will experience unrivalled professional service.  You will meet me and my wife, Kathryn Buchanan. We are the resident Consultant Optometrists and practice owners, meaning you’ll always see the same friendly faces every time you visit the practice, giving you a chance to build up a rapport and history.

Not all Eye Examinations are the same.

Did you know that 50% of all sight loss can be avoided? Early detection is the key to preventing sight loss.  As one of the most technologically advanced practices in the UK, you can rest assured that Buchanan Optometrists can help to detect eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration up to 8 years sooner than regular eye tests, preventing you from having sight-threatening complications. During your eye test, you will experience equipment far superior to that found in most eye hospitals and opticians. We have one of only 6 Heidelberg OCT-A scanners in the UK that can detect diabetic, vascular, and macula eye disease without requiring invasive hospital procedures. Please read some of our testimonials to see how our advanced equipment and expert Optometrists have saved lives as well as eyesight.

We are one of the leading dry eye centres in the UK, running tear film clinics to diagnose and treat even the most stubborn cases of dry eyes. Alisdair lectures annually at the Moorfields Dry eye seminar and was one of the first practitioners in the UK to offer the breakthrough E-eye pulsed light treatment, which can alleviate symptoms in just three treatments.

As well as eye examinations, you can benefit from 65 years of combined experience and qualifications at our specialist clinics, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, paediatrics, dry eye, contact lenses, and sports vision.

Not all spectacles are the same.

If you want spectacles so comfortable that you forget you are wearing them and want expert advice to help you choose the best look- you are in the right place. You will be guided by experienced, qualified staff to select the best frame for you. We regularly travel the world to bring you the latest trends and designs of spectacle frames. 

If you want the ultimate style and comfort, we can even help you design your bespoke, tailor-made frame. Designing your spectacles is a fantastic experience available to all our patients. This extraordinary service has drawn the attention of several celebrity clients. Please read our testimonials to learn how we helped Paul McKenna design his spectacles.

Not all spectacle lenses are the same.

Your field of view through your lenses could be improved by up to 40%! You may not have known there was such a difference between spectacles lenses, but like any product, very different qualities are available. We advise you on the best lenses available for your needs, finding visual solutions to your problem. Whether vocational, sports or hobby needs, we find a lens that fits in with your lifestyle. Your lenses will be tailored to give you the sharpest vision and greatest field of view.

We can even provide lenses to slow down your child's short-sightedness.

Not all opticians measure up.

Did your last opticians measure you with a ruler? We haven't measured patients for spectacles with rulers since 2005; it isn't the most accurate way. We were one of the first opticians in the UK to embrace digital measurements. We take two digital images - one from the front and one from the side while you wear a calibration frame (see this in action in the video above). This allows us to produce diamond-cut lenses, adjusted at over a thousand points across the lens for pinpoint sharpness and the thinnest, lightest lenses possible.

Are we worried about varifocals? We often meet new patients who have tried and not got on with varifocals from other opticians in the past or perhaps just tolerated them through necessity. Once you have tried our varifocal lenses, you will never look back. Varifocals, like shoes, must be fitted correctly for you, or they will always cause you little niggles. Selecting the correct lens and fitting is a skilled, precise job that we only entrust to our fully qualified dispensing opticians.

New Audiology Centre is now open.  Applying the same principles of expert care, technologically advanced procedures, and the best product choice we have always offered in eye care has seen us set up one of the most technologically advanced hearing centres in the U.K. Read more HERE.

Our individualised approach to eye testing, spectacle measurements, and customer care has been recognised nationally. For four years, we are very proud to have been in first place at the UK National Optician Awards and won The UK Independent Optometrists of the Year award at the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical awards. When you visit us, you can have the confidence that you are in one of the most awarded opticians in the UK.

We look after patients as if they are part of our family. Word spreads, and we have patients who travel from all over the world to see us. Our reputation has attracted several celebrity patients, keen to deal with honest, professional staff who can produce beautiful spectacles for them. We would love to offer you this experience as well. Make the change to Buchanan Optometrists, and once you see the difference, we are confident you will never look back!

 We look forward to seeing you soon,

Alisdair Buchanan B.Sc., MCOptom., F.B.D.O., Dip.O.D.

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Audiology now open.

Alisdair Voted Optometrists of the Year- There are over 14,000 Optometrists registered in the UK, and Alisdair Buchanan has been voted the best at the Optician Awards. 

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