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Vista-Mesh Lenses - For Glare, Night Driving and Visual Stress

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Vista-Mesh lenses have a unique mesh filter, a contrast filter, a scratch resistant and anti-reflection coating all designed to reduce your visual stress. The lenses have a very light brown tint and are easy to clean. They work by aligning scattered light reflection and sharpening the contrast. They will dampen effects you suffer from flicker, they reduce eyestrain and deflect EMI radiations.

These unique lenses are also perfect if you suffer from


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Client Testimonials:

Vista-Mesh lenses and Driving

Previously I found a lot of motorway night driving left me visually fatigued. After getting my Vista-mesh lenses, a recent 250-mile trip left me visually and physically more confident and relaxed. I would confidently recommend Vista-Mesh lenses to anyone who is having problems with night driving.

Night Driving

One lady who has a two-hour drive to see her daughter had to leave just after lunch in the winter to get home before it became dark.
After being supplied the Vista-Mesh lens, she was happy to drive at night. Indeed, she was so satisfied with these new spectacle lenses that had changed her life; she requested a spare pair to leave in the car.


I have to say that I have not experienced a visual migraine since I started wearing Vista-Mesh, now over eight weeks ago.