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Eye Examinations

Your sight is one of your most precious senses.

Your vision should be maintained at its peak performance.

Eye tests should not just check your vision. Most eye conditions in their early stages have no symptoms (you can lose up to 40% of your visual field before you would notice it). By having your eyes expertly examined, we can spot the earliest signs of eye diseases and can sometimes even prevent them from occurring at all. To best look after your eyes, we have invested to become one of the best-equipped practices in the UK, allowing detection of eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts, vascular problems and macular degeneration earlier, preventing you from having sight-threatening complications. Our highly qualified Optometrists do not just test your vision but also carry out a comprehensive ophthalmic examination.

At Buchanan Optometrists, your eye examination will be tailored specifically for you. Taking into account our clinical findings, your general health, your history and your family’s history, we tailor the eye examination to offer you the most thorough investigations possible. Our examinations range from 40minutes (twice as long as the high street average) to 90minutes. We take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have and explain all our findings so that you may have a better understanding of your eye health. You will never be rushed.

In one of the best-equipped practices in the UK, you will experience the latest technologies that detect eye diseases as early as possible, sometimes even saving your life. As well as advanced eye examinations and contact lens consultations, you can also benefit from the Heidelberg Spectralis 4D OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomographer eye scanner), which can now scan parts of your eyes that standard eye tests do not even consider. The test is quick, painless and allows detection of a wide range of eye conditions, including macular degeneration, glaucoma, tumours, diabetic and hypertensive eye disease, years earlier than ever. Early detection can lead to prompt, effective treatment, reducing the impact on your vision.

Please click on the titles below to learn more about what to expect on your visit and how these advanced examinations could save your sight.

First Tier Total Visioncare Examination The examination we recommend to all our adult clients to ensure you have the most thorough and advanced health check possible.

Heidelberg Spectralis 4D Optical Coherence Tomography Find out how looking deep inside your eyes could save your sight. Photographing eyes is old news; scans provide the only way to see the tiny details necessary to diagnose certain conditions early enough.

Glaucoma Retinal Nerve Fibre Imaging If you or a family member has glaucoma, you should have regular 4D GMPE scans to monitor any progress.

E-eye pulsed light treatment for dry eyes and Meibomian gland dysfunction.  This is the latest dry eye treatment which could reduce or eliminate your need for at-home treatments,

Macula Imaging  Essential for detecting and monitoring macular problems

Children's Eye Examination Children do not often complain of eye problems as they are unsure what normal is. Regular examinations will ensure their optimum vision, health and performance at school.

Contact lens examinations  New to contact lenses? Please find out how they can change your vision for the better. If you already wear lenses, are they the best ones for you? New lenses are available continuously and may offer you better comfort, vision or convenience.

If you are nervous or have special needs, you can read about how we can help here.

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