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New Audiology Center Open

For anyone who has attended the practice recently and observed the building work at the back, you may have been wondering what we are up to. Well, our new Audiology Centre with custom-designed sound attenuated hearing room is finished and we are taking bookings for hearing assessments now.

Even if you think your hearing is good please read on to find out why hearing assessments are important for everyone.

But you do eyes not ears, I hear you say! Yes indeed, and you’ll be pleased to know that I shall not be the one assessing your hearing! We are pleased to introduce Audiologist Eilene Dysason to our team. Eilene has a wealth of experience and will be introducing the new comprehensive hearing assessments to the practice. Applying the same principles of expert care, technologically advanced procedures, and the very best product choice that we have always offered in eye care, has seen us set up one of the most technologically advanced hearing centres in the U.K.

Why should you have a comprehensive hearing assessment?

Often hearing loss goes unnoticed to you, and it is others around you that notice first.

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions it’s time to book a comprehensive Hearing assessment.

Why choose Buchanan Optometrists and Audiologists?

Your Hearing assessment at Buchanan Optometrists and Audiologists goes above and beyond most hearing tests, assessing not just the functionality but also the health of your auditory system, identify the type of hearing loss and therefore the best solution to any difficulties you may be having.

Every hearing assessment is carried out in our state-of-the-art sound-absorbing room for the most accurate assessment and includes:

The comprehensive hearing assessment costs just £149.

Depending on the findings we offer;

micro-suction wax removal, hearing aids, custom-made noise reduction earplugs for the music industry, domestic and work use, sleeping earplugs, and pairing devices to make T.V, telephones, mobiles, computers and radios easier to hear.  

Should you require hearing aids, Eilene will spend the time with you to discuss your options and recommend the best solution to your hearing problem and lifestyle. Hearing aids nowadays are inconspicuous and can be equipped with a host of features such as Bluetooth linking to your phone or television. Being completely independent of any hearing aid manufacturer or national hearing aid supplier, means we have access to all the world’s leading hearing aid brands, giving you an almost unlimited choice in hearing technology.

My hearing seems fine. Why do I need a Hearing assessment?

In the same way that eye tests are not just for those who require glasses, hearing assessments are not just to measure for hearing aids.  At Buchanan Optometrists and Audiologists we don’t just test what you can hear but also thoroughly asses the health of your ears using several sophisticated examinations.

Even if you do not require hearing aids, a comprehensive hearing assessment can check there are no anomalies with your auditory health and acts as a baseline for future reference. Eilene performs micro-suction wax removal where necessary to keep your ears healthy and functioning to their optimum.

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age and often there is a simple solution to improving your hearing.

‘Use it or lose it’ is a common phrase used in audiology. It may be surprising to know that treating even mild cases of hearing loss can be advantageous.

If you don’t treat hearing loss early it can deteriorate at a quicker rate and also it can be much harder to adjust to life with hearing aids once hearing loss is more severe. If the ears are not functioning well, the inner hair cells of your cochlea are not stimulated at an appropriate level, and deteriorate at a quicker rate.

Throughout life your brain becomes slower at interpreting sound and speech; therefore aiding hearing can stimulate healthy brain function. Research has shown that treating hearing loss can also delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

To find out more about what a comprehensive hearing assessment involves click here.   Call now to book your appointment on 01732 617557