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iD WorkStyle Lenses

Almost a quarter of the population need glasses to see computer screens, you may be one of the millions of people putting extra demands on your vision. Many people feel reading glasses or varifocals limits their vision. Reading glasses simply don’t give the range of vision most modern tasks require. And varifocals can limit your field of view especially for near and intermediate distances. Buchanan Optometrists have a new lens specifically designed to combat these problems.

Imagine having a pair of glasses that that enable you to read the tiniest print yet also see your computer screen and colleagues across the office without having to move your head (like you would with varifocals) or take your glasses off (as you would with reading spectacles). Imagine being able to see the top and bottom of the broadsheet newspaper in one easy glance or being able to work in the kitchen reading tiny print on labels but seeing your cookbook and hob at the same time. DIY, puzzles, games, reading music, playing cards, crafts, presentations and computer use all become easy with a specialist spectacle lens called iD Workstyle from lens supplier Hoya. Buchanan Optometrists are the only optician in the South-East with the Hoya Visureal equipment to fit these lenses.

These lenses, often described as an extended reading lens, give you perfect vision from near all the way to 2 or 4 m depending on your requirements. The visual field you get at these distances is far wider than with a varifocal lens requiring less head movements and giving clearer vision therefore reducing eye fatigue, neck and back problems.

Workstyle lenses are coated with a revolutionary coating called Blue-Control making the lenses not only scratch resistant, water, grease and dirt repellent but they also neutralise the high energy blue light emitted by LCD and LED screens that can cause visual fatigue, poor sleep patterns and dry eyes after computer or screen use. 

These lenses utilise advanced freeform design to produce individualised lenses based on your prescription, frame requirements, work and hobbies. Freeform design works by using special generators linked to sophisticated software that tells a single point diamond cutter how to cut the lens at thousands of points across its surface, producing pinpoint accuracy. This produces a superior lens which takes into account your lifestyle and habits, allowing you to obtain the clearest, sharpest vision across the lens no matter what demands you place on it.

Benefits of iD WorkStyle lenses