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5 signs your glasses might need adjusting

Buchanan Optometrists' Dispensing Optician, Gill Lothian, gives her top tips on when you may need your spectacles adjusting.

If you notice any of the following, please come into the practice anytime to have your spectacles adjusted. Measuring for and fitting spectacles is a highly skilled job, one which we only entrust to our fully qualified Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians.

  1. They keep slipping down your nose. If you constantly have to push your specs back into place, then the sides might need adjusting to make them fit better. Or the frame may have may have splayed so they don’t sit comfortably behind your ears. (This can often happen if you wear your specs as a hair band or put them on and take them off with one hand.)
  2. The nose pads are digging in. If your specs have taken a knock (or you’ve been given an overly enthusiastic bear hug!) the nose pads might have been moved out of their correct position. This can cause them to dig into your nose leading to discomfort and red marks on your nose.
  3. Your vision has changed. Spectacle lenses need to be fitted correctly. If you feel that your vision has changed, it could be because your frame is out of alignment. This is particularly true of varifocals – if they are not sitting correctly, you could be looking through the wrong part of the lens, and your vision will seem blurry.
  4. They hurt behind your ears. This can be very painful especially if they are rubbing on your mastoid process.
  5. You need to tilt your frame to see clearly. If your frame isn’t sitting straight on your face you’re not looking through the correct part of the lenses.  If you have a high prescription, bifocals or varifocals a wonky frame will affect your vision.

We recommend that you bring your glasses in for a free service every six months so that we can ensure that they fit correctly and are in good working order. We'll even give them a thorough clean and polish!