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8 Top tips to banish Hayfever symptoms

If, like me, the last few days of high pollen count have left you a sniffling, eye-watery mess, I've written my top tips to help get you back outside and looking good again.

1)Cool it. Come in and pick up one of our cooling eyebags, pop it in the fridge, place over your eyes and give yourself lasting relief from the itch. 

2) Sit on your hands. Hayfever causes the inside of your eyelids to become lumpy. If you rub your eyes it will make this worse.

3) Clean your eyes. Carry some special preservative-free cleansing eye wipes on you at all times. After you have been outside, clean your eyes and eyelashes to get rid of any pollen. Washing your hair and face more frequently can also help.

4)Think twice about drops. Although anti-allergy eye drops can be very helpful for some people, most contain a number of preservatives and additives which can cause further irritation and dryness to sensitive eyes. There is only one preservative-free anti-allergy eye drop. Speak to Kathryn, Alisdair or Samantha for advice.

5)Wear sunglasses. A good pair of wraparound sunglasses can stop pollen and other allergens getting into your eyes.

6)Get the right contacts. Hayfever need not stop you wearing contact lenses. Some people find that contact lenses actually act as a helpful barrier between itchy eyelids and the surface of the eye. For others, contact lenses can be more irritable in summer months. If your eyes are sore remove your contact lenses. Ask us about lenses designed specifically for those with sensitive eyes.

7)Gentle make up. Come in and try our new make up range designed specifically for people with allergies and sensitive eyes. When you suffer from hayfever, the last thing you want to do is introduce any further possible allergens. Our make up range has no preservatives, chemicals, SLS or anything to further irritate your eyes. And it starts at just £6.

8) Book into our dry eye clinic. Sometimes itchy eyes require further treatment. In many cases it is not just pollen causing the problem, you may have an underlying dry eye problem or other allergy. A thorough assessment can assess the cause of your problem and we will provide you a tailored treatment plan to relieve your symptoms. 

Call us on 01634 240645 to book an appointment or pop in anytime to pick up sunglasses, a cooling eye bag, cleansing wipes and makeup.
Now let's hope for sunshine so we can all go and enjoy the outside this weekend.