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Sunglasses save lives

Having been driving around the county at the weekend, I forgot my sunglasses one day this highlighted my desperate need for them! So I turned back to get them! Road safety experts are warning that glare from the sun has been identified as a prime cause of accidents and I would strongly agree.

I found that  Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) says almost 3,000 accidents a year resulting in injury are caused by sun glare– as many as headlamp dazzle and bad weather combined. The safety organisation recommends wearing good quality sunglasses to avoid dazzle and glare caused by bright sunlight.
With this in mind as well as reducing the number of road accidents, did you know that wearing sunglasses with the correct UV protection could help prevent against sight loss from cataracts, macular degeneration and melanomas?

Kathryn (my poor suffering wife and optometrist) is amazed that while most of us are aware of the need for sun cream to protect our skin, we often forget about the damaging sun rays entering our eyes. Babies, children and those with blue or light coloured eyes are particularly susceptible to UV damage. We recommended that babies from 6 months old start with Baby Banz sunglasses and all children and adults should be wearing sunglasses in bright weather in the same way that you protect your skin. Your sunglasses should be fitted for the individual to ensure maximum protection.

However not all sunglasses are the same. The quality of the lenses varies dramatically. Particularly when driving, having the correct sunglass lenses can make driving safer and more comfortable, allowing you to see every detail on the road. Kathryn often mentions the story when we were driving up a hill in Devon, I had my Serengeti polarised sunglasses on, she had her Chanel non polarised sunglasses, I saw the cyclist at the side of the road and she didn’t – she did scream! (It wasn’t my driving that made her scream either!!). Most sunglass lenses just darken what you see, which can help with the brightness but does little against glare from low sun or a wet road. Such basic lenses can also reduce the contrast of what you see, making objects especially in the shadows appear less sharp. Obviously I recommend the better solution - Serengeti lenses – these are different, they not only protect against brightness but also significantly reduce glare and enhance contrast, making your vision in bright light sharper and more comfortable. I would never drive in the sun without Serengeti lenses. I have tried other sunglasses in the past and the difference in vision is quite scary. It really is a danger to be on the road without the correct protection. The lenses are so good I wear them all year and nearly all the time in the car. Because the lenses adjust to the sun levels they work equally well from dawn til dusk, summer through to winter.  Serengeti lenses are the world’s finest driving glasses and number one choice for professional drivers, pilots and military personnel. The contrast enhancing, photochromic, polarized lenses also work superbly for activities such as golf, tennis, gardening, walking, fishing and water sports. All the lenses are 100% UVA and UVB protective to offer you the best UV protection no matter what your activity.’

You may not know that Buchanan Optometrists stock an extensive range of sunglasses including Serengeti lenses available in prescription, including varifocals or in non-prescription. Call in to see designer brands including Rayban, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Diesel, Dirty Dog and Bolle.
Please call in and see us for advice about how to best protect yourself. Specialist sunglasses for babies and children start at only £15.
It would also be great for you to meet our dispensing optician Gill.
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