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Figures show there are 3.3 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with a life-long condition that can lead to potential sight loss and there are a further estimated 590,000 people who have the condition, but don’t know it. Scary stuff? Well I guarantee you probably know at least one person with the condition- Diabetes. Whilst a lot of us are aware of some of the potential side effects of diabetes, many are miss-informed about the potential impact on vision.

Diabetes is the leading cause of preventable sight loss amongst working age people in the UK.

This week is diabetes awareness week so we are doing our bit to help stop diabetic related sight loss.

Diabetes is incredibly common and increasing year on year. If managed correctly most people carry on life as normal with no adverse effects to their eyes, however poor diabetic control or inadequate eye examinations can contribute to potential sight loss. The good news is that there is a lot we can do to prevent diabetic eye problems.

I have written an article which includes:

If you have diabetes please spare 3 minutes to read the article as it may just save your eyesight. If you know anyone with diabetes please forward them this email. With knowledge and correct care we can work together to prevent diabetic eye disease stealing your sight.