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Dry eye makeup

I’m constantly being asked what eye makeup people should wear. Especially for those with dry eyes, allergies or blepharitis and contact lens wearers it can be a nightmare to find anything at all that you can wear comfortably. Intolerance, in and around the eye, to traditional skincare and makeup products (including hypoallergenic ones) is a problem which affects more than half of all women.  And as an optometrist it has always been difficult for me to recommend a specific product as most would clog our sensitive meibomian glands and exacerbate dry eye symptoms or smear contact lenses.  Well the good news is at last we have an answer. This afternoon our stock of trial and retail products from EyeCare arrived and having tried a lot of it ourselves (well not so much Sean and Alisdair), I think the products are fantastic.
There’s eyeliners designed not to block those delicate glands I mentioned before. We have mascaras that lengthen and strengthen even the most sensitive and delicate lashes, the low wax content means it doesn’t flake off or block the glands. The eyeshadows are enriched with Vitamin E to strengthen and nourish skin even of blepharitis sufferers. Prices start from just £6.00. Sounds good? Well 87% of people who have tried the product found removing them was far easier than their normal products- leaving less irritation to the lids. 70% of people noticed a reduction in sensitivity, less stinging and less smear to their vision compared to their normal products. And there has only been 4 reported reactions in 100,000 products sold.

All products are formulated to be free from animal ingredients and chemical additives known to cause allergies or intolerance. Recommended by allergy specialists, dermatologists and ophthalmologists, the products are free from parabens, lanolin, nickel, SLS, cobalt, essential oils and colophane.
So if you suffer from dry eyes, belpharitis, allergies or wear contact lenses then pop in and give the EyeCare makeup a try.